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Earn Sporthorse Rewards Dollars with every purchase! To say thank you to our loyal customers, 2% of the amount of each purchase (excluding sales tax), is accumulated in your Sporthorse Rewards account. All Sporthorse Rewards Dollars earned in a calendar year (January 1st through December 31st) can be redeemed for any merchandise we offer during January and February of the next year. We'll send you a notice in early January (as long as you have at least $1 in Rewards) to let you know how much you have to spend. Sign up when you make your first purchase, and start earning Rewards now!

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We believe that those of us making our living in the equine industry should support each other at every opportunity. We're happy to offer our Sporthorse Professional Partnership to those individuals... including trainers, barn owners, blacksmiths, saddle fitters, and other independent business people who make their living with horses. Partnership benefits include 10% savings off most merchandise, visibility, and client service.

Print the form, fill it out, and fax or mail it back to us, and we'll get you all set up right away!

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On any single day your purchases total $250 or greater (excluding sales tax, shipping, and after any other coupons, discounts, gift certificates, and store credit are applied)**, you'll earn Big Purchases, Big Savings coupon(s) for purchases made during your next visit to the store, mobile, or website.

When you spend You'll Earn Coupons for
$250 $25
$500 $50
$750 $75
$1000 $100
$1250 $125
$1500 and Up $150

**Subject to manufacturers' pricing policies - details available in store. Used saddles and truly custom items (custom boots, custom saddles, custom shadbellies, etc.) do not count towards the $250 total. They cannot be applied to prior purchases, or returns/repurchases of the same items. They expire two months from the date on the attached receipt, are for the sole use of the person who made the original purchase, and must be physically presented to be redeemed (we do not track these coupons at all).

To redeem a Big Purchases coupon on a purchase made via the web, phone, or e-mail, just mail us the coupon.

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  • Saddles

  • We're happy to take your clean, well maintained used dressage, close contact, or all purpose saddles on consignment. We will work with you to determine a competitive price for your saddle.

    We charge a 25% commission if you would like to be paid by check, or a 10% commission if you would prefer your payment in the form of store credit. If you choose payment by check, the check is mailed 30 days after your saddle is sold. If you choose store credit, it is tracked in our system, and is good "forever". Once you've made your choice, and processing has begun, we aren't able to change the payment method.

    Consigned saddles are shown on our website, as well as displayed in the store. A COPY OF OUR SADDLE CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT IS AVAILABLE HERE. Please call us prior to shipping a saddle to us for consignment.

  • Second Hand Swag

  • We welcome consignments of high quality show and schooling apparel, equipment, and tack for dressage, eventing, hunters and jumpers You'll get 60% of the selling price in store credit after your merchandise has sold.OUR CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT OUTLINES ALL THE DETAILS FOR YOU HERE.

    Email us at or call us to schedule an appointment to bring in your stuff to make room for new stuff!

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    All new and used saddles are available for trial prior to purchase. To take a saddle out on trial, we will authorize your credit card for the purchase price of the saddle plus applicable sales tax. The authorization puts a hold on the funds on your card, but does not actually charge it. If you decide to purchase the saddle, call us within 7 days of receipt of the saddle, and we will run the charge against the authorized amount. If we ship the saddle to you, the cost of shipping and insurance will be charged to you card at the time of shipping, and is non-refundable. If you do not purchase the saddle, you are responsible for delivering or shipping it (insured) back to us. It must be shipped within 7 days after it is delivered to you, and you need to notify us first prior to shipping the saddle back to us.

    If we ship a saddle to you, we will contact you about shipping charges and tracking information. We will charge you only what it costs us to ship the saddle to you.

    All saddles must be returned in the condition in which they were sent to you. If a saddle comes back marked to the extent that we have to reduce the selling price, your card will be charged for the amount of the price reduction.

    You are responsible for anything that might happen to the saddle once it has been delivered to you. We do not provide any warranties on the quality or safety of the used saddles that we sell.

    Here are some guidelines that will help assure that the saddle stays in the condition in which it was sent to you.

    1. All new saddles are sent with fuzzy covers for the stirrup leathers. Please run your lethers completely through the fuzzy tubes. If you return the saddle, but not the fuzzies, your card will be charged $10.
    2. You can ride in both new and used saddles with care. For the new saddles, keep your rides short, and wear breeches (the seams in jeans can mark saddles). Wear tall boots and half chaps with caution, and both have been known to bleed onto a new saddle. Use a clean saddle pad each time you ride in the saddle.
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    Monogramming/Embroidery Services-Quick turnaround and personalized service on custom monogramming and embroidery by a local equestrian embroidery service, The Embroidered Horse. Chokers, cuffs, saddle pads, bags, jackets, coolers and more. If it's fabric, we can figure out a way to monogram it for you! Details on design options available in the store. Custom designs can be done too (sometimes subject to a set up charge based on complexity).

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    We offer engraved plates, tags, etc., through The Engraver. Check out the website for design and font options, then call us for pricing.

    We're happy to attach plates you've purchased from us to your clean tack. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to get this done, depending on how many items you have. If you already have plates on the tack, let us know we can usually get them off, but not always, depending on how they're attached. Reusing holes may or may not be possible, but we'll do our best.

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